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A New Era for RYDER’s Visual Identity and Brand

The recent merger between AgileTek Engineering and Ryder Geotechnical in May 2024 has consolidated their industry expertise and catalysed a comprehensive rebranding effort.

This strategic union has created a new, unified brand identity that reflects the two companies’ combined strengths and forward-thinking vision.

With the merger, the leadership of the newly formed RYDER seized the opportunity to create a visual identity that embodies their shared values and innovative spirit. The result is a sleek, modern logo that symbolizes the synergy between AgileTek and Ryder Geotechnical. The brand’s contemporary design and colour palette signifies its commitment to excellence and progressive approach to offshore energy solutions.

Beyond the logo, RYDER and North East-based branding agency Better have developed a comprehensive visual identity that includes new fonts, colour schemes, and design elements. This cohesive visual language ensures that every interaction with the brand, from the website to marketing materials, presents a consistent and professional image.

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“Integrating the strengths of AgileTek Engineering and Ryder Geotechnical has provided a unique opportunity to redefine our visual identity. This new brand not only represents our unified expertise but also our commitment to innovation and excellence in the offshore energy sector.”

Michael Manning, Head of Marketing, Tekmar Group

Showcasing the New Identity

The revamped brand is already making its mark. RYDER’s new website and marketing collateral now feature the updated visual identity, projecting a unified and polished image that resonates with clients and partners alike. The new look is more than just cosmetic; it signifies a renewed commitment to innovation and quality in every project undertaken.

A Unified Vision for the Future

This rebranding effort is a testament to RYDER’s vision of integrating expertise and fostering innovation. The new visual identity reflects the company’s mission of delivering innovative solutions in the global offshore energy sector while setting the stage for future growth and development.


The merger of AgileTek Engineering and Ryder Geotechnical has expanded RYDER’s technical capabilities and led to the creation of a brand that truly represents its united strengths. As RYDER continues to push boundaries in offshore energy, the new visual identity serves as a constant reminder of its dedication to excellence and forward-thinking approach.

Visit RYDER’s website to learn more about its services and new brand and see how this innovative company is shaping the future of offshore energy.

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