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Energy Transition

As the world shifts towards more sustainable energy sources, the energy transition has become a pivotal movement in addressing climate change and reducing carbon emissions.

Leading the Way in Energy Transition

At RYDER, we are at the forefront of this transition, leveraging our extensive expertise in both traditional and renewable energy sectors to drive innovative solutions that support a cleaner, greener future. Our comprehensive suite of services is designed to facilitate the seamless integration of renewable energy sources while optimising the performance of existing oil and gas infrastructure.

Our commitment to energy transition is evident in our specialized services, such as feasibility studies for renewable energy projects.

We conduct thorough assessments to identify the most viable locations and technologies for wind, solar, and other renewable energy installations. This includes environmental impact assessments, resource analysis, and technical evaluations to ensure that each project is both economically and environmentally sustainable.

Another crucial area of our expertise is in the development and optimisation of hybrid energy systems. By integrating renewable energy sources with existing oil and gas infrastructure, we help our clients maximise efficiency and reduce their carbon footprint. Our design and engineering teams work closely with clients to develop tailored solutions that meet their specific energy needs while supporting broader sustainability goals.

RYDER also excels in providing comprehensive site investigation and installation analysis services. Our advanced geotechnical surveys and real-time monitoring technologies ensure that renewable energy installations are designed and deployed with precision and reliability. This not only enhances the performance and longevity of renewable energy systems but also ensures that they are seamlessly integrated into the existing energy landscape.

Explore the full range of our services and discover how RYDER can support your energy transition projects here.

Case Studies


We are a global engineering consultancy, offering dependable support for the offshore energy sector.

  • Burial Assessment Study


    Offshore wind in Taiwan is a booming sector, and Ryder are delighted to be involved.

    Burial Assessment Study

  • FPU Mooring Pile Design

    East Java

    Sitting near the boundary between the Sunda Plate and the Indo-Australian Plate, East Java presents numerous design challenges when considering permanent moorings, with complex soil patterns in a seismically active region.

    FPU Mooring Pile Design

  • Wave Energy Generator Foundation Study

    Western Australia

    Wave energy is a hugely undervalued resource, and Ryder are very proud to be involved in the sector, using our knowledge of the behaviour of piles subject to complex loading conditions to further the developments of foundation solutions.

    Wave Energy Generator Foundation Study

  • FPSO Mooring Pile Design


    The seabed off the northern coast of Borneo presents a fascinating geological sequence, influenced by huge paleo flows and slides which have changed the nature of the present-day seabed.

    FPSO Mooring Pile Design

  • Jack Up Support

    Zuluf Field

    The Arabian Gulf remains at the forefront of oil and gas extraction with many fields still being developed and exploited.

    Jack Up Support

  • Mooring Anchor Design

    West India

    Design of two-stage drilled and grouted piles including driving analysis for casing, grouted connection design, lateral pile analysis and structural detailing

  • Tidal Turbine Anchor Design

    Faroe Islands

    , Design of a drilled and grouted pile including grouted connection design, finite element analysis considering static and fatigue load cases.

  • Provision of CBRA

    Norwegian Fjords

    Dropped object analysis, secondary protection design and PLAXIS slope stability analysis

  • Norwegian Fjords

    Provision of detailed secondary protection design including rock volume estimates using GIS and PLAXIS 2D

  • Floating Offshore Wind

    South West UK

    Site investigation management, survey management and FEED design for mooring anchors

    Floating Offshore Wind

  • Floating Offshore Wind


    Site investigation and survey management

    Site Investigation

  • US North-East Wind Cluster

    Provision of subsea cable engineering including CBRAs, thermal performance, ground model management, SI specifications and permitting guidance.

  • US South-East

    CBRA and development of location-specific anchor penetration modelling, optimising the burial depth

    Cables and Pipelines

  • German Sector

    Provision of subsea cable engineering including CBRAs, thermal performance, ground model management, and SI specifications

    Subsea Cables & Pipelines

  • Polish Sector

    Provision of subsea cable engineering including burial feasibility assessment, cable performance data and CBRA management


  • Dogger Bank

    Provision of secondary protection analysis for CPS, LPA studies including optimisation

  • Taiwan

    Subsea Cable Engineering, CBRA, seabed mobility studies, landfall assessment, construction support

    Subsea Umbilicals, Risers, Flowlines & Cables Analysis

  • Horsea Offshore Cluster

    Subsea Cable Engineering, construction support, third-party review of CPS stabilisation

  • Firth of Forth

    Site-wide LPA Study

    Jack-Up Analysis

  • Outer Hebrides

    Burial Assessment Studies, BAS for interconnectors between various islands in the Outer Hebrides

    Burial & Trenching Assessment and Optimisation

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