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Dogger Bank Zonation Study

Ryder Geotechnical has recently worked in collaboration with Global Maritime (GM) to deliver a Site-Specific Assessment (SSA) at the Dogger Bank A and B offshore wind farm sites in preparation for jack-up vessel operations at 190 turbine locations.

Ryder’s role in this project was to complete a geotechnical zonation assessment to classify the turbine locations at both sites in terms of geotechnical risk to the forthcoming jack-up operations and to provide vertical-horizontal bearing capacities and fixity parameters.  This information was used by GM in their SSA.

The Dogger Bank site is geologically complex, both laterally and vertically, comprising of highly deformed glacial till which has been deposited sub-glacial, i.e. under the ice and other pro-glacial sediments (in front of the ice) and deposited within lakes, rivers, and estuaries.

The geotechnical risk was defined by likely jackup spudcan penetration depth, potential punch-through severity, and other risks such as extrusion of soft clay layers.  Ryder delivered a comprehensive zonal assessment with each turbine location classified based on geotechnical risk to jack-up operations.

Ryder has extensive experience in leg penetration assessments for a wide variety of jack-up vessels, if you would like to hear more about what we can offer clients please contact our team.

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