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RYDER Hosts Transformative Workshop

RYDER, the newly formed powerhouse resulting from the merger of AgileTek Engineering and Ryder Geotechnical, and part of Tekmar Group, hosted an impactful workshop at their new office in Newcastle as part of the Sharing in Growth and Offshore Wind Growth Partnership transformation programme. The event was spearheaded by Fraser Gibson and his team, with expert facilitation by Nick Wright.

This workshop marked a significant milestone in integrating the cultures and strategic objectives of the newly merged entities. Focused on enhancing understanding of the company’s values, mission, and vision, the session was designed to align and inspire RYDER’s team as they embark on a new chapter.

“The workshop was not just about understanding our combined strengths but also aligning our strategic goals with the cultural dynamics necessary to drive them,” said Fraser Gibson.

“We are excited about the insights gained today and the path they pave for our future endeavours. This is a vital component of fostering ‘Deep Confidence’ across our company and with our clients, reinforcing our commitment to delivering the highest level of expertise and assurance in every project.”

Nick Wright, who led the workshop, emphasised the importance of cultural integration in achieving strategic objectives. “Today’s session was pivotal in fostering a unified culture that is geared towards innovation and excellence in the offshore energy sector,” Wright commented.

The workshop is part of RYDER’s commitment to continuous improvement and excellence, ensuring that all team members are aligned and motivated to contribute to the company’s success in the global offshore energy market.

RYDER is excited to continue building on the foundations laid during this transformative day, with further initiatives planned to ensure ongoing alignment and growth.

For more information about RYDER and our services, please visit www.ryder.engineering

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